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Formula One – open letter to FIA, Teams and Drivers

Sunday’s race sucked! There was no sparkle, no strategy, no excitement

Nice job if you can get it!

I for one think that they are underpaid!

Schumi in BMW out

I am sure that many Ferrari fans are going to be over the moon with the news that Michael Schumacher will be replacing the injured Felipe Massa for the next few races. It is going to be interesting to see how the Ferrari performs in the hands of one of the greatest drivers in the…

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Formula One wins out…

I was elated to read that a solution had been found and that, according to Luca di Montezemolo’s, FOTA’s proposals had been accepted. I think that the following statement may also have had something to do with the eventual decision:  “several broadcasters currently contracted with F1 television coverage had strongly hinted that they were looking into…

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Max Mosley is Mad!!!

The FIA and FOM have together spent decades building the FIA Formula One World Championship into the most watched motor sport competition in history. In light of the success of the FIA’s Championship, FOTA – made up of participants who come and go as it suits them – has set itself two clear objectives: to…

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Ferrari throw first stone in terms of cost cutting

As you will no doubt know, Ferrari have come out to say that they will leave Formula One if the FIA decide that “in the interest of the sport” there will be standard engine used by everyone. Clearly this is a move to try to unsettle the FIA, who have responded saying that simply this…

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Standard engine manufaturer for F1 – Max you are Mad!!!

I read today that Max Mosley president of the FIA (IFA) says that he favors a single engine supplier to formula one in the years to come. His rationale being that if VW can buy an engine and stick a badge on it cheaper than they can make it then this is the real world….

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Low fuel or passion

As mentioned in my post yesterday, I felt that on his home turf Alonso might spoil the party.  Well after final qualification we have in second, separating the two Ferrari’s. Last year driving for Mclaren, Alonso, took the outside line into corner one and things got very tense. Will we see a repeat of this?…

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