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Formula One wins out…

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I was elated to read that a solution had been found and that, according to Luca di Montezemolo’s, FOTA’s proposals had been accepted.

I think that the following statement may also have had something to do with the eventual decision:  “several broadcasters currently contracted with F1 television coverage had strongly hinted that they were looking into the possibility of presenting the eventual FOTA-created series as well” 

Had the above occurred the F1 series mooted by Max and the FIA would have failed as the FOTA series would have been far more of a spectacle.

In the end, F1 will still come out tops and we can all still escape to the world of the fastest most technologically advanced cars……

As I said yesterday I am recalling the dung ball given to Max as it appears that he has changed his mind.

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Mike • June 25, 2009

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