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Schumi in BMW out

new mclaren 2009I am sure that many Ferrari fans are going to be over the moon with the news that Michael Schumacher will be replacing the injured Felipe Massa for the next few races. It is going to be interesting to see how the Ferrari performs in the hands of one of the greatest drivers in the world.

I as you know am not a Ferrari fan, but it is going to be good to see if the Ferrari performs any better. If it does watch this space…..Fernando Alonso may well be in the seat for the next season. I am then going to battle in terms of my support of Fernando.

While I am an ardent Mclaren fan, I still remain a supporter of Fernando Alonso, who I believe ranks among the best drivers this sport has ever seen.

On the really down side BMW is set to withdraw their sponsorship after the 2009 season. Clearly the global economic conditions have forced a review of their sponsorship activities and with the team not really at the top it comes as no surprise.

The FIA made a comment at the end of the statement that this may have been avoided had teams supported cost cutting measures. The FIA clearly says one thing about working with the teams, but is bruised that the teams ultimately were able to prove that they actually carry the sway. Come now FIA suck it up get behind the sport and work it for the best. 

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Mike • July 30, 2009

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