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Striking hooligans


I caught news footage of the striking workers involved in the Municipal strikes in Cape Town and Johannesburg. What I saw were people intent on destruction, the union officials were painfully unprepared. They lacked the resource to control their members and everything deteriorated into an absolute shambles.

So there were appeals that we need to spend a shift in their shoes so that we could see what type of working conditions they operate in. I for a moment began to sympathise with them. I must now say though that after the scenes I witnessed on the news have caused me to revise my sympathy.

You cannot trash places and peoples property because you want to. It is absolutely appalling and their is no excuse for this kind of behaviour. The union officials need to take stock, you need to bring your members into line. The police should have video surveillance and must take action against these criminals. Yip i used the word, criminals!

When you destroy property that does not belong to you, you are charge with malicious damage to property and boy I hope this happens.

A truly poor reflection on South Africa (PS. the news on Sky TV is full of this report) 

So I am awarding the dung ball to the union leaders and their members for not acting in the spirit of peaceful protest action!

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Mike • July 30, 2009

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