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Strike Strike Strike who wins?

So it is my contention that a wage settlement above inflation in fact is more detrimental to the country as a whole

Striking hooligans

I caught news footage of the striking workers involved in the Municipal strikes in Cape Town and Johannesburg. What I saw were people intent on destruction, the union officials were painfully unprepared. They lacked the resource to control their members and everything deteriorated into an absolute shambles. So there were appeals that we need to…

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Strike Action causes the rest deeper sadness..

Plenty of strike action appears to be on the cards, in what many commentators are calling “The Strike Season”. The effectiveness of these actions will forever remain a point of discussion around which no agreement will ever be reached. The “workers” withhold their labour (without pay in most instances) in an attempt to extract the…

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Strike Action

So like most of us I have been watching the strike action around the stadiums. I think that a dangerous precedent has been set by the employer. One I am afraid that had little choice but to follow though. I understand that wage earners have a right to strike around issues but what concerns me…

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