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So like most of us I have been watching the strike action around the stadiums. I think that a dangerous precedent has been set by the employer. One I am afraid that had little choice but to follow though.

I understand that wage earners have a right to strike around issues but what concerns me is when the cause of a few (okay 60 000) may jeopardize the whole. If we fail to deliver this showcase we are going to look bad. I do not think that a strike was required in order to achieve the result. Clever negotiation would have been better, instead we will now have a host of people who will think that a strike brings a result.

Watch this space – we are going to see literally thousands of other folk set about strike action, in that process destroying already flagging company profits and in the end causing less employment and even further unemployment.

We need to see people seriously approach the bargaining table with commitment. Instead we have people arriving at the table with not the best offer in the first place. We have folk settling on numbers, most likely as a result of them deciding up front that they may have to face some sort of threat.

The unions arrive with the thought that “if they can offer this, then they must be holding back, so let’s go for more” In the end we have distrust, a break down in the employer/employee relationship. This leads to poor moral, poor working conditions and less productivity.

It is time for all involved in this to understand that you need to be able to resolve these issue around the table without resorting to strike action.

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Mike • July 16, 2009

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