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Mad Max Mosley….

new mclaren 2009

Maybe it his age, or perhaps his alternate escapades, but whatever it is he needs to stop messing around. To come out on Friday after declaring along with FOTA that everything is sorted out and now say that you want people to withdraw statements and maybe you actually want to stand for president again? Loopy man Loopy.

Max you were put in your place by FOTA, accept it and move on with dignity. Formula 1 is only in a crises because YOU keeping dragging it there. I have a feeling that if you keep messing around on the fringes that you may well end up forcing the FOTA alliance into a breakaway series.

Come now let’s all take a chill pill, take our junk off the table and move to working to create a strong F1 series that we, as the fans, love. Remember Max that ultimately the FIA exist only as a result of fans and not because of your hard work. The life you have been able to build is as direct result of fast cars, technology and driving stars none of which you have created. The teams have created this, you simply govern fair play and the rules and you know what, if you have nothing to govern then you are simply an emperor without clothes.

Wake up smell the coffee my man and move on!

So for being, in my opinion anyway, a prat of note I am re-awarding you with the dung ball. I will say though if you come to your senses I will once again reconsider the award. 

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Mike • June 27, 2009

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