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Max Mosley is Mad!!!


The FIA and FOM have together spent decades building the FIA Formula One World Championship into the most watched motor sport competition in history.

In light of the success of the FIA’s Championship, FOTA – made up of participants who come and go as it suits them – has set itself two clear objectives: to take over the regulation of Formula One from the FIA and to expropriate the commercial rights for itself. These are not objectives which the FIA can accept.

The above statement by the FIA in terms of legal action it intends taking against the 8 potential break away teams says it all. This is no longer about what is good for F1 but all about who has the biggest cheque book.  Mosley is going to go down as the person that changed the face of F1 forever, and not in a good way.

I understand all of the arguments that have been forwarded and do agree that there is a need for some containment of costs, but F1 fundamentally has always been about having the best technology and big names. F1 while needing to become more accessible to teams wishing to make the leap must not become a NASCAR everyone off the same base type scenario.

This would be the same as capping the fees in terms of football players and what clubs will pay to pick up a big name. While we all feel it is crazy that they earn the type of money that they do, it is simply a fact of life that to be the best you need make the big investments.

I think that Mosley has lost some of his marbles and needs to take a serious look at his true motives around this. F1 without the “big names” is simply going to be another minor serious. We are going to loose a real sport which has a great following.  Wake Mosley and smell the roses before you completely cock this up.

I am awarding Mosley the dung ball for now, I will gladly recall this award if you change your mind!

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Mike • June 24, 2009

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