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Whale Tragedy at Kommetjie


It was really sad hearing that the whales that had beached at Kommetjie beach on Saturday had to be euthanized.

Listening to the news and reading the various articles about the saga it appears that this was the only option open to the authorities at the time. I understand that many attempts were made to rescue the whales but all were in vain. 

There can be little doubt though, once again based on reports, that the authorities were poorly prepared for such and event. I would have thought that any province on the coast should have plans to handle events such as those that unfolded on Saturday.

One hopes that they take this experience and build on it so as to avoid similar instances in the future.

As a passing shot those folks that ignored the requests of the authorities in terms of going to the beach need to take a serious look at themselves. How can you say that the whales were killed in front of children when you were the dumb idiots who put your children in this predicament in the first place.

This was a very sad occurence but one that we hope does not occur again. I did love the guy that called in to say “lets’ can the meat and distribute to the poor” A very practical look at finding a solution to disposing of the meat. Do you think this is a viable option?  

ps. the dung ball to those of you who simply got in the way and for bringing your children to view the tragedy!


Mike • June 2, 2009

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