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Mclaren Win

new mclaren 2009

I was delighted to see Lewis race the Mclaren team to their first victory this season. One only hopes that this will be the start of more success this season.

In terms of on incident filled weekend, I am not sure that we could have handled anymore than we got. It would be remiss of me not to wish Felipe Massa the speediest and best possible result in terms of his recovery. I hope that the pending investigation will reveal how we can make this sport, already extremely safe, even safer.

The ban imposed on Renault, I think may have been a little harsh, although I will concede that I have not heard the radio traffic yet. Wheels have come off often once a vehicle has left the pits and this has seldom led to a race ban.

I did laugh listening to Jensen Buttons words “How can this thing be so bad!” He was really battling with his car this weekend and one gets the impression that some panic may have set in at Brawn.

Seven races to go and I think that we may just be able to salvage the season in terms of excitement. Here’s hoping that the race at the top becomes at least a 3 or 4 way tussle.

Get well Felipe!!

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Mike • July 28, 2009

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