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One Week to go…


Well there is a little under one week to go until the final Grand Prix of the year. The pressures everywhere are up and the drivers must have more than a little to contend with on the nerves front. The teams to must be on edge and one can only imagine what the team bosses must be going through.

It is really awesome that, for the second year in a row, the title race has come down to the last race of the season. For us, the spectators, we really could not have asked for more. Many friends are taking bets with each other on the outcome and many many discussions are happening around possible permutations.

Clearly the team orders discussion is being had, also the engines and their ability to last the test. Massa needs to win, but Lewis only need finish fifth or better. Mclaren though must dearly want to pull of the double, in terms of driver as well as the constructor title, to do this they will need a one two finish with Ferrari out of the points. So much debate is will rage until the end.

I think that it is important, at this point, to acknowledge the drivers and teams, we have had a great season. It has been filled with both on track as well as off track controversy and what would F1 be without it? We need to thank you once again for upholding this great sport, and ensuring that we have been thoroughly entertained for these months.

As for this F1 fan I truly hope that Brazil provides a great spectacle and we see a fitting end to the season. I clearly am hoping that Lewis and Heikki have a great race and stick it to the Ferrari boys.

I am just wondering what to do during the off season!!

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Mike • October 27, 2008

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