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ANCYL and Juilius Malema on the way out!


I was interested to see the claimed numbers coming out of the Eastern Cape, in terms of the “ShiKota” splinter groups version of the youth league. If these are in anyway even half true then the ANCYL is going to come a little unstuck.

I would guess that the reaction from our most learned friend Julius, will be “We will kill for the ANCYL” or something of the sort. But this is not the real reason for me being interested in this, the bigger interest for me is in the fact that the youth leagues are the future party members. So if these numbers are to be believed then the ANC as a whole will find themselves in a very different place in the coming years.

I have included below an extract from the article

Anele Mda, the splinter group’s interim national convener says most members will be defectors from the ANC Youth League (ANCYL).

She says that in the Eastern Cape the breakaway group has taken control of 110 out of the 162 ANCYL branches in the OR Tambo district, all 62 branches in Alfred Nzo, 72 in Amathole and 38 at the Cacadu district.

Makes you think doesn’t it?

Mike • October 27, 2008

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