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My rights vs. your rights

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This debate is one that will rage on, when do my rights as a human being need to take second place to the rights of the whole?

I read with interest a story about a Rastafarian parent, who follows a “natural way of life”, who has elected not to have her children immunised.  The parent made application to a state school, where amongst other requirements, children have to be inoculated or show proof that they have been inoculated against a range of diseases.  I really felt for this child as the school have elected to turn the child away.

I must though say that in terms of the “whole” the school I guess needs to apply the universal rules. I hope that they have been consistent in their application of the rules, as far as “everyone” goes. I must therefore raise the question, how do we being to evaluate my rights against the rights of the community?

What do you think?

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Mike • October 27, 2008

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