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How to catch a criminal and have fun at the same time!!


I want to work for the Italian police!! Check this out, really great idea this…..

Police in Italy driving a Lamborghini, specially equipped to handle road emergencies!!

“This car replaces the former model that used to operate in the Rome area and will now be used in Bologna,” a Lamborghini spokeswoman said.

The police force’s updated and custom-made Lamborghini Gallardo supercar has a top speed of 325km/h and the base model sells for €175 000.

The police car has a small fridge to carry donor organs and a heart defibrillator.

“Our best test drivers will give the selected policemen a special course,” Lamborghini promised

Now I put my application in, but as my Italian is not that hot I have been rejected! Come on SAPS many we should be doing the same, we could lose this kind of money in the rounding up of the “Arms Deal” 

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Mike • October 27, 2008

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