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Sit with me and let's debate

Sit with me and let's debate



The Democratic Alliance has created a table to monitor the ANC government’s excessive expenditure.  While I normally take these type of figures with a pinch of salt, this number is starting to look like something you cannot ignore?

South Africans need to begin to make their voices heard on this issue. We cannot have officials living the life of larry (or Hugh Hephner for that matter) while their constituents don’t have the basic essentials.  Out tax needs to be better deployed (to coin an ANC Phrase)

CURRENT TOTAL: Approximately: R318, 795, 948.00

What the money could buy:

  • An RDP House costs approximately: R54 000
  • A teacher’s annual salary: R129 000

Thus, R318, 795 million could buy:

  • 5 898 new RDP houses
  • Fund 2 469 teachers for a year

So let’s make some noise as concerned citizens. I would recommend that for starters each of the ministers that bought their over the top vehicles, take a drive through their constituencies. Why not stop in for tea and show the people what you have spent their money on. I am sure you will receive a very warm welcome!

Mike • October 22, 2009

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