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Julius Malema the visionary!


Guilty of hooking you with the title….

I don’t flame that often, but have flamed about this guy a bit, so I will continue. Only because I want people to understand that politics in South Africa has no place for someone with a mouth as loose and uncontrolled as Julius Malema’s.

Below a selection of quotes attributed to Julius in the past few days:

“The ANC Youth League celebrates the fact that the decision to recall President Mbeki was influenced by our organisation,” Malema told reporters on Tuesday. “The ANC Youth League is not ashamed of its capacity to influence decisions in the ANC.”

“There is no one in the ANC that can tell us what to do,”

On Kgalema Motlanthe calling his comments reckless, Malema derided him  Motlanthe as a “paragon of political correctness”. Funny how the NEC of the ANC, identify this as positive virtue in terms of leadership, so much so that he is going to be the interim president! If Julius really had aspirations of higher positions then he would take the advice from his more learned colleagues (Politics for Dummies 101) 

Julius Malema is completely guilty of inciting commentary which should not be tolerated in our political landscape, particularly given the current political crises that the country is facing.

The only saving grace is that there are many of his compatriots that see him for exactly what he is, and we hope that these will demonstrate their disgust by virtue of their votes, when it comes to next years general election. 

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Mike • September 25, 2008

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