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ANCYL – more killing talk


I wonder what Julius Malema is going to come and say after Isaac Mahlangu (secretary of the ANCYL in Mpumalanga) on Wednesday had the following to say about an ongoing murder investigation, in which he believes it is politically motivated, based on the judge scrapping it (the case) from the role because of lack of evidence.

 “…as for their stooges in the press and the SAPS – death be upon you! Since they lived by the sword, you will die by the sword.

“Your newspaper will be read by those ghosts who couldn’t find their way to heaven.”

and then later defending his statement, saying he was not inciting violence against the MECs or journalists, but merely warning that they would “reap what they sow”.

Now let’s face it with his leader making similar remarks, you can understand why he said it. He clearly has great leadership aspirations and has decided that Julius Malema is the person he wants to model himself on. The sorry thing about this is that we are going to see more of this type of rhetoric purveying the political landscape and then eventually somebody is going to take it seriously and re-act.

If the ANC do  not believe there is a crises, then they are trying to pull and ostrich and bury their heads in the sand, they need with a dash of speed to climb all of these kinds of comments and discipline the individuals. I am including Julius Malema here when I say this, it is surprising that we have not read anything about this in the news.

If the intention is to create fear and therefore force the vote to go their way, then they are going about this in the correct way and are as guilty as Robert Mugabe in forcing a vote to go in a certain direction by fear and violence.

I am making quite a big thing about this, nobody outside of Mpumalanga probably even knew who Isaac Mahlangu before these comments were made. The problem is he has now made the headlines, and as we know already know power corrupts, and he will want to maintain this status as long as possible. There will be more such statements until some vile act is perpetrated but then it will be too late. The ANC cannot afford to have more blood on it’s hands, as this will not serve the country well at all.

For the sake of thi country we need the leadership of the ANC to act swiftly in disciplining their members who step ouot of line and not just those that supported Mbeki.

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Mike • October 2, 2008

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