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AfriForum and ANCYL brothers in a struggle!!???!!

I had the privilege yesterday to catch a portion of the show on 567 Talk radio conducted by Redi Direko, in which she handled an interview between the AfriForum and the ANCYL. The basis of the discussion centred around the book Politics for Dummies that was sent by AfriForum to the ANCYL. I must compliment…

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Zuma is not a philanthropist!!!

This is a flame post, a vent from me so accept it from whence it comes. This leadership crises in the current political landscape within South Africa is causing major embarrassment and hardship to the people of this country. Mbeki is proving to be a lame duck in all of this, focusing on his mediation…

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ANCYL must look at the evidence….

ANCYL calling the judiciary biased or influenced. I have tried to see the point of view raised by the ANCYL that the judiciary is biased against Jacob Zuma and that he cannot possibly get a fair hearing in terms of the rule of law in this country.I have tried, but I have not succeeded……The courts…

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