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Lewis Hamilton loses his head, maybe the title?


Lewis Hamilton after a shocking get away lost his head, lost the Fuji Grand Prix and quite possibly, with that, lost the world championship. The only saving grace is that his major title contender Massa, equally performed poorly (although did receive a hand up from the Stewards who penalised Sebastien Bourdais at the end of the race for “pushing Massa of the track).

I think that saying “keeping your head whilst those around you lose theirs” could not have been more apt for the start of this Grand Prix. Alonso once again capitalised and richly deserved his win, showing his class as a double world champion.

Kubica let his second place do the talking, after he was criticised by Ron Denis of Mclaren for comments on Lewis Hamilton’s driving style!

I am, and I think always will be, a Mclaren fan, but today Lewis demonstrated poor driving maturity, and should have backed off after losing the place to Kimi a the start. He was hot-headed to say the least and this is certainly not a mark of a world champion.

I am going to make a prediction (which I really hope is not true) that Lewis will not win the championship. I am making this because I think that he is showing the same cracks he showed towards the end of last season. Ron Denis and the team from Mclaren need to do some serious psych work on Lewis to get his mind into the rut of a world champion and not a cart racer.

Looking at Alonso’s form Mclaren must be ruing the fact that they let him go over Lewis. I wonder how long the sponsors will continue to allow this to happen?

The remainder of the season will be tight and Mclaren and particularly Lewis Hamilton need to show their Mettle and make sure that win both of the remaining races.

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Mike • October 12, 2008

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  1. The Devil October 12, 2008 - 11:36 pm

    Yes, it was quite a rookie mistake by LH, and he seems to lack the maturity and race-craft of a deserving WC. I posted somewhere else that Ron Dennis must sometimes think he fell out with the wrong driver at the end of last season. Alonso would’ve sown up the WC way back if he had a McLaren at his disposal.

    Your boy (Hamilton) might still make it as the winner – He is 5 points ahead of Massa and with two races to go it is a lot.

    Hamilton has got he making of a great racer, but it’s only his second season in F1 and he will hopefuly learn along the way that the races are not won in the first corner.

  2. Mike October 13, 2008 - 9:04 am

    I do hpe that he wins the title as I think that this is the one thing that will finally put his head into the space. I really believe he has the makings of a World Champion and from a storyboard point of view it would make great press.

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