The Running Commentary

Schumi not in a big dissapointement

So we all know by now that Schumi is not going to be able to drive due to fitness issues.¬† I hope that this is not the end of the drive to get him back into a seat. Even if it is only for one more season, it would be surely the greatest show on…

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Lewis Hamilton loses his head, maybe the title?

Lewis Hamilton after a shocking get away lost his head, lost the Fuji Grand Prix and quite possibly, with that, lost the world championship. The only saving grace is that his major title contender Massa, equally performed poorly (although did receive a hand up from the Stewards who penalised Sebastien Bourdais at the end of…

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F1 singapore race spectacular

The Singapore leg of the Grand Prix season¬†really was an amazing race, judging by the drivers expressions and the sweat pouring off of them, this was clearly one of the most physically demanding races of the season. Alonso, lucked into the win from his teammates misfortune, but never-the-less drove an amazing race. Certainly Rossberg deserved…

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