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F1 singapore race spectacular

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The Singapore leg of the Grand Prix season really was an amazing race, judging by the drivers expressions and the sweat pouring off of them, this was clearly one of the most physically demanding races of the season.

Alonso, lucked into the win from his teammates misfortune, but never-the-less drove an amazing race. Certainly Rossberg deserved his second place and Hamilton coming in third must have been a little disappointed. The first safety car really flipped the race on its head and this combined with a disastrous day at the office for the Ferrari pit crew, gave us this outcome.

Both drivers for Ferrari failed to score any points, but equally important, is that McLaren did not take full advantage of this. I am really disappointed with Kovaleinen who did very little in terms of overtaking. While this track was always going to prove difficult as far as overtaking goes, it was possible. The drivers certainly started to look at turn 7 as one of these opportunities.

Kovaleinen should have achieved a better result.

This race should definitely remain on the calendar in the future and as the drivers and teams take the learning’s from this race, the next one should be just as eventful.

Let’s hope that McLaren build on the small lead in terms of the constructor’s race and the seven point advantage that Lewis takes into the remaining three races.

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Mike • September 28, 2008

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  1. The Devil September 28, 2008 - 10:54 pm

    Ferrari lost both the drivers and constructors championship today. I wonder what the dream team (Schumacher, Todt & Brawn) must think of the Scuderia’s pitiful pitwork in recent times. I feel very sorry for Felipe Massa, he has had a really good second half-season but will loose the WC through no fault of his own.

    Singapore is a brilliant race and Bernie and the boys will defenitly go for more races under lights (Oh yes and my bloody expensive LCD flatscreen TV started acting up right in the middle of the GP after I had it repaired last week – I nearly had kittens!!!!!)

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