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Why Madiba??

So the ANC, perhaps at the request of Madiba, hauled this great 91 year statesman out to ask him to give his support to the ANC.  This was a fine move as seeing how much adoration this man holds in the eyes of the people is truly amazing. I would vote for the ANC if he…

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Carl Niehaus resignation……..

So listening this story this morning one is struck with the obvious question: “Why if the party knew about Carl Niehaus’s financial woes that they would even consider putting into this position?” I must admit to be absolutely dumb founded by this move.  The party is already dealing with so much bad press around Jacob…

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Julius Malema orator of note!!

Education Minister Naledi Pandor “must use her fake accent to address our problems” Heaven only knows why this guy would now turn his gaze to one of the best ministers this country has seen for years. Pandor has arguably one of the toughest roles in the country and here we get this guy making this…

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Will Zuma get a fair trial???

So I am intrigued by the statement by Carl Niehaus that the ANC believes that JZ cannot get a fair trial and that there are too many “trials by media”. By implication JZ’s rights to a fair trial have been impeded. I must say that this statement attempts to place the judiciary in a poor…

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The oldest trick in the book!!

The Mail & Guardian has established that the ANC intends to show the NPA that Zuma is small fry in the arms deal saga and that it is in possession of much more damaging evidence, including documentation that allegedly implicates former president Thabo Mbeki and Cope president Mosiuoa Lekota in wrongdoing. High-profile legal teams hired…

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ANC Manifesto for the “poor”

I, as many of you probably, was amazed to see the release of the ANC’s manifesto with “a focus on the poor”. Not that they should not be focusing on the poor, and job creation, but just that I thought that this had always been their focus. Not so long ago (the last elections) the…

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ANC will lose two-thirds majority in 2009 elections!

I am basing the above statement on the fact that COPE have claimed a paid up membership of 480 000 people.  Even if some of these came from the existing opposition parties, the law of averages means that the majority would have come from the ruling party. With opposition political parties requiring just over 600…

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