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Opposition votes urgently needed to halt ANC two-thirds rule…

Here’s another quote which demonstrates that Jacob Zuma is growing in arrogance…  “If you vote for another party it will be like throwing your vote into the bush because it won’t make any difference,” he said. He urged people to vote in their numbers, saying it will be easy for the ANC to take decisions and…

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Treasury in line for some interference from new ANC Leadership

The couch economist picked up this little bit of news as it pertains to the future South African economic landscape….  The government under ANC leader Jacob Zuma would set up a commission after the election to oversee all the ministries, including the National Treasury, a senior official of the ruling party said yesterday. The commission would co-ordinate the…

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Freedom of expression – but only for the ANC

Said Duarte: “We condemn this practice by faceless individuals which demonstrates high levels of hatred and political intolerance by those opposed to ANC policies and leadership.””South Africa is a constitutional democracy, which guarantees freedom of association and speech, among many rights we continue to enjoy. Any abuse of these rights cannot be allowed,” she said…

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Jacob Zuma changing the rule of law….

So the comments made to the STAR by Jacob Zuma in terms of the constitutional court saying “it is not God” have shown the hand of the ruling party. South Africa is hailed as having one of the best constitutions in the world and part of that constitution is the establishment of a Constitutional Court….

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Opposition Politics losing focus….

I am concerned that the DA, FF and ID are laying various charges against the players in the saga of the Zuma charges being dropped. Not because I don’t agree with the fact that we need the truth, but more so that their attention is being drawn away from gathering support for the April 22nd…

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ANC staged this drama to perfection

I must tip my hat to the ANC and “comrade president Jacob Zuma” for the manner in which they scripted and played out this drama. I am of course talking about the NPA’s “decision” to drop the charges against Jacob Zuma. This outcome was hardly surprising it was inevitable, the decisions taken before Polokwane gave…

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English Speaking South African answers JZ

Dear Mr Zuma, Let me at the outset say how insulted I was by your comment that Afrikaners are the only true white South Africans “in the true sense of the word”. I am an English speaking South African, I hold one passport, a South African one. I have lived here all of my life (37…

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ANC and the Dalai Lama

It would be remiss of me not to comment of yet another huge lapse in judgement and decision making made by the “ruling party”.  If you do not know, then which rock have you been hiding under, the ANC government has refused a entry visa for the Dalai Lama into South Africa. His mission to attend the 2010…

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ANC holding back crime stats

So I was listening to the news and heard the spokesperson for justice say that the reason that the crime stats had not been released is that opposition parties would accuse the ANC of electioneering. This because the stats show a decrease in the crime levels. Well I have a couple of comments: 1) When…

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Fools and Liars……..

The ANC clearly has much that it needs to sort through and their National Working Committee must feel a bit like it is paddling up stream without an oar! The revelations around Carl Niehaus are absolutely startling and reading his CV one must say that this guy had some gonads of note. He absolutely led…

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