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Opposition votes urgently needed to halt ANC two-thirds rule…


Here’s another quote which demonstrates that Jacob Zuma is growing in arrogance… 

“If you vote for another party it will be like throwing your vote into the bush because it won’t make any difference,” he said.

He urged people to vote in their numbers, saying it will be easy for the ANC to take decisions and deliver if it had a massive majority in government.

In short, if we as the ANC get a two-thirds majority we will be able to change things unilaterally and therefore ensure that we have the ultimate power. Jacob Zuma has already intimated that the judiciary should become accountable to government. This would therefore bring and end to judicial independence. There is then a short step to changing the powers of the constitutional court and then reducing the country to a dictatorship.

I am using very strong words and may be coming across a little melodramatic. We cannot afford the current version of the ANC leadership to run the country with a two-thirds majority. We will certainly see a regression of the country if this were to occur.

We need foreign investment and tourism and we therefore need the world to view South Africa in a positive light. This can only happen when you have freedom of expression. You need a constitutionally guaranteed democracy to ensure freedom of expression. Any interference from government in this process will not be tolerated by the our external stakeholders. They will simply vote with their dollars, pounds and euro’s and not send them our way.

Therefore we need everyone who truly believes in democracy to take to the voting booths and vote for the opposition political parties. Hopefully the voters will restrict their votes to parties who can make a difference, but any vote for an opposition party means a vote in the direction of ensuring accountability.

Accountability is an imperative if we are to see a truly democratic South Africa emerge after these elections.

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Mike • April 14, 2009

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