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One year down – what a ride


Today mark’s the one year anniversary since I started this blog… I can hardly believe how far it has come and what an impact it has made on my life.

I started this blog after a discussion with Adii Rockstar, who I had the privilege of working with for two short months, before he ventured into the world of his own business.

I owe much to him in terms of setting up this blog.

I owe much to my family who have allowed me the space to grow into this area.

I owe much to my employer – Ince (Pty) Ltd for allowing me the space to grow my ideas and not stifling me with corporate restrictions.

I owe much to all of the people who have commented on my various posts and directed me when they have felt that I may be off track.

I owe much to the people and organisations that I have commented on. Thank you to all of them for providing me with such great stories and/or cannon fodder.

I have managed to use this adventure to develop my thoughts on issues, to help refine how I truly feel about the world around me. I have managed to change my views on certain issues or cement my thoughts on a particular issue.

I have challenged myself as a result of some of the people that I have “met” on this journey. These challenges culminated on 11 April 2009 with me completing my first half marathon.

The biggest growth for me has been in my defence for democracy in this beloved country of mine South Africa. I have thrown many comments the way of the ANC on how they have run this country. This though as a result of my conviction that South Africa stands as a beacon to the rest of the world for the possibilities that exist on the African continent.

We need to continue to be this beacon…

So one year in, I am still loving this adventure……hopefully there will be many more years to come.

Viva South Africa Viva

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Mike • April 14, 2009

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  1. The Devil April 16, 2009 - 1:41 pm

    Congratulations Mike on one year’s blogging. You actually motivated me to start “Dreams, Schemes & Themes” and although we have different views on issues (especially in F1 !!!!!!DIE MCLAREN DIE!!!!!!!!!!!) we’re both proudly South African and believe that this is a great country despite all the shite and shenanigans going on.

  2. Mike April 22, 2009 - 10:18 am

    Thanks for your kind words Mr D, it has been a ride. I am glad that you have also ventured into this space. Yes we disagree on some things, but these I think help us both develop. I have been blessed to have debates with folk including yourself. Viva South Africa Viva!!! Long live Mclaren!!

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