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AA and Merc show excellent customer Service

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As you all know I believe that customer service is what separates good businesses from great businesses. I was told a story that I believe deserves some highlighting…

As I understand it an old Merc (13 years old) encountered some trouble as far as the central locking went. The owner was not concerned and has lived with this issue for about a month. Then last week the while on a trip around town the immobilizer would not disarm. This effectively left the owner stuck where he was.

He called the AA, they responded in a couple of minutes and tried to repair the issue, but with no success. The driver then arranged for the tow truck to arrive and picked up the car. He also offered to take the owner back home. The owner decided to make his own plans.

By the time the owner got home the vehicle was being delivered to the Merc branch for repairs. Fearing that the car would require some extensive repairs, the owner called to hire another vehicle. 40 minutes later he received a call from Merc to advise that his vehicle was ready for collection. When he got there the car had been repaired and cleaned and he was told that the repairs would cost him nothing.

Now this story epitomises excellent customer service from everyone involved. Not because anyone did anything more than they were supposed to do. Rather the speed, friendliness and efficiency of the experience has left the owner still excited by the fact that 13 years ago he bought a Merc.

Well done to Merc and the AA.

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Mike • April 14, 2009

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