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ANC will lose two-thirds majority in 2009 elections!


I am basing the above statement on the fact that COPE have claimed a paid up membership of 480 000 people.  Even if some of these came from the existing opposition parties, the law of averages means that the majority would have come from the ruling party. With opposition political parties requiring just over 600 000 votes more than in the previous elections to ensure the ANC loses the two-thirds majority in parliament, this number to COPE is very exciting. Especially considering that they are still to be officially registered as a political party!

I want to urge each and everyone one of you to register to vote and ensure that you get as many people as you can to do the same.  History is providing us with the opportunity here to further enhance our democracy and we need to take it. If we are able to ensure that the ANC loses the two-thirds majority, then we can see true parliamentary debate, true accountability and no longer a simple rubber stamping the ruling parties wishes.

I am encouraged that the political landscape in this country is changing and that we will begin to see a democracy that is truly driven by the people.  Add to the issue that floor crossing in no longer possible and you have the makings of some great accountability and debate.

Viva South Africa Viva!

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Mike • December 11, 2008

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