The Running Commentary

Instant gratification……instant distress

Communication has been relegated to a thoughtless act, harsh words I know, but look at the number of relationships that are damaged by misplaced text messages……

Remember when a cellphone just made calls?

This little device of yours and mine has fundamentally changed our operating psyche, we are hard coded, it would seem, to respond now. Just look at the level of “multi-tasking” that happens around you…..

Pop Idols Blunder now 2 winners

Johannesburg – Idolsfans would not feel that their votes have gone to waste but rather love the outcome of two winners, M-Net CEO Patricia Scholtemeyer said on Friday. “This is a world first for Idols, we believe that the public did speak [and] we don’t believe that Jason should get an edge over Sasha Lee,”…

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Beware the “unique number” competition

  So….. I am not a great competition enterer.  In fact I rarely take part in any type of competition unless it is for fundraising or something similar. I did decide the other morning while pouring my Kellogg’s All Bran Flakes into a bowl that perhaps I should “sms the unique number on the inside of…

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SMS vs Voicemail

There was a really interesting article on My about whether SMS’s or text messages are replacing the traditional voicemail. I must say that I had not rally given it any thought until now, but can clearly see the point. Below some of the disadvantages registered for voicemail vs the advantages for text messaging. I think that…

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Nokia e90 the complete work horse

As I am away, on holiday, I am limiting the time that I spend on my various information platforms, I have changed my sync profile for example on my Nokia and am only responding in absolute emergencies to anything that comes up. The thing that I am struck with is that yesterday, I used my…

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Have a drink, smoke some weed it’s safer than SMSing (texting)

Here’s a good idea – stop texting and driving!! (I know that after reading this I will be cutting down!) Research recently completed in the UK shows: Reaction times deteriorated by more than a third (35 percent). This was worse than alcohol at the legal limit (12 percent slower) or driving under the influence of…

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