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Pop Idols Blunder now 2 winners

dungJohannesburg – Idolsfans would not feel that their votes have gone to waste but rather love the outcome of two winners, M-Net CEO Patricia Scholtemeyer said on Friday.

“This is a world first for Idols, we believe that the public did speak [and] we don’t believe that Jason should get an edge over Sasha Lee,” Scholtemeyer said.

The above statement epitomises South African approach to dealing with issues. Instead of saying their was an error and “sorry Sasha Lee you are not the idol”. MNET tries to clear the air by making both Sasha Lee and Jason the Idol.  

This is not how a competition works. You have a winner and a loser (runner up if you like) and that is simply the fact of the matter. The runner up is simply the runner up, the fans that voted spent their time and money making the decision. MNET have elected to ignore this fact and simply put if they are going to ignore the voting public’s decision (Jason garnered 8% more of the total vote!) , then they must refund the money spent by the fans.

This is not a choice that they have, you cannot unilaterally make this decision. This is not one of those “The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into” moments. Maybe though they should say this about the decision to make Sasha Lee the winner, “sorry you know she is the winner and that is that”. A decision should be made either way, not a compromise reached!

So my final word on the matter – A technical blunder caused an incorrect count, the corrected count revealed a new winner and therefore this winner should be installed. Claiming this as a world first is ludicrous, what that is saying is that we cannot make a decision!

Remember our attempt at “The Apprentice” again too scared to elect a clear winner so we will have two. Goodbye to the show!

Get tough okes make a decision and let it remain a competition!

The dung ball to MNET for a rather bad decision!

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Mike • May 9, 2009

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