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It’s been a while…


Once again I have neglected this part of who I am, that is using this platform as an opportunity to discuss and debate. Apologies to those who have taken the time to comment in the past. It has been a really busy time and well… know the drill.

Never-the-less I am hopefully going to be getting my house in order and this should help to give me some time to talk about life around me.

Wow this is very deep….

It has not been for a lack of news or things to talk about but merely finding the time. I do note that several of my other “more famous” bloggers must be having the same issues as their feeds have also been fairly sparse!

So I will award myself the dung ball for not keeping up with my original goal of using this platform to help me grow! Now how is that for humility.

Mike • May 30, 2009

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