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Have a drink, smoke some weed it’s safer than SMSing (texting)


Here’s a good idea – stop texting and driving!! (I know that after reading this I will be cutting down!)

Research recently completed in the UK shows:

Reaction times deteriorated by more than a third (35 percent). This was worse than alcohol at the legal limit (12 percent slower) or driving under the influence of marijuana (21 percent).

Drivers drifted out of their lanes more often. Steering control was 91 percent worse, compared to 35% worse when under the influence of marijuana.

The ability to maintain a safe following distance also fell.

The report concluded: “In real-world situations it is suggested that poorer control of vehicle speed, lateral position and increased reaction would increase the likelihood of collision dramatically

The report compared the results to studies of driving while drunk, high or speaking on a cellphone and concluded that SMSing had the worst effect on lane positioning and the second worst on reaction times – second only to speaking on a hand-held phone.

That makes SMSing while driving more dangerous than driving drunk or on drugs.

Let’s keep it safe out there!


Mike • September 18, 2008

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  1. Andre de Beer September 19, 2008 - 11:42 am

    No worries…voice is on its way…will be able to talk to your mobile phone and it will type & send your sms for you…

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