The Running Commentary

No…..I am not a copywriter

I know that some will debate this with me, but I am almost certain that everyone has experienced well written PR copy that does nothing but crush the brand’s reputation…….


Nokia e90 the complete work horse

As I am away, on holiday, I am limiting the time that I spend on my various information platforms, I have changed my sync profile for example on my Nokia and am only responding in absolute emergencies to anything that comes up. The thing that I am struck with is that yesterday, I used my…

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Have a drink, smoke some weed it’s safer than SMSing (texting)

Here’s a good idea – stop texting and driving!! (I know that after reading this I will be cutting down!) Research recently completed in the UK shows: Reaction times deteriorated by more than a third (35 percent). This was worse than alcohol at the legal limit (12 percent slower) or driving under the influence of…

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