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Zuma is not a philanthropist!!!


This is a flame post, a vent from me so accept it from whence it comes.

This leadership crises in the current political landscape within South Africa is causing major embarrassment and hardship to the people of this country.

Mbeki is proving to be a lame duck in all of this, focusing on his mediation role in Zimbabwe, in order to secure a position with the UN or some other organisation like that. Zuma the heir apparent, is carrying serious baggage as far as alleged corruption activities. These two issues are creating air-time for rhetoric from people like Julius Malema, passing comments like “We will have Mbeki removed”.

Julius this is not your decision or the ANCYL decision, this is a decision of the NEC of the ANC. You cannot speak on their behalf (the last time I checked you are the “leader” ANCYL and not the spokesperson for the ANC) Julius Malema is creating a rift, one that suites other political motives and one that will cause further discontent.

If I were the ANC NEC I would reign this guy in before he causes even further damage to the ANC. I can attest to several colleagues who are saying that they will change their voting style out of fear for the way things are going down in the press. The image that is being conveyed is that we can do our will and the rest of the country must follow.

The leadership of the ANC need to stand up and take account for the process that needs to be followed. Crass comments from folk like Julius have no place in the political landscape of this country and are causing damage on an international level.

Zuma has already been around the world telling the major investors that the monetary policies of South Africa will not change. This means that the rule of capitalism will prevail, if any of you out there think that it will not, just refer back to this post in a years time and see if I am right (I concede that more of you may be a little better off but Capitalism will prevail).

The “Ubuntu spirit” that Shaik spoke about during his trial in terms of the relationship with Zuma was simply another form of capitalistic intent. Zuma was the recipient of the Ubuntu wealth for personal gain only and not for any other motive (okay so this has not been proven in a court of law – but needs to get there to complete the saga)

For the record I enjoy the capitalistic environment and think that everyone with some means is of the same opinion. All that will happen in terms of the economics of the country is that the Zuma alumni will replace the Mbeki alumni and a new tier of wealthy people will be created. We will still be left with a section of extreme have’s and extreme have-not’s and unless we have a fundamental policy shift this will not change. The voting public need to be aware of this.

Closer to the ground in terms of being a popular figure does not make you more of a philanthropist, so do not think that Zuma is a philanthropist, he is not. He like all of his alumni enjoy the feeling of power and privilege!!

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Mike • September 17, 2008

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  1. Tasman September 18, 2008 - 3:20 pm

    Just really to commend your insightfulness and tell you how impressed I am with firstly being able to maintain a daily commentary and secondly, to keep it topical and pertinent with ‘real’ issues shows a true talent…….Today was no exception and I can’t agree with you more on the points you made regarding that time bomb ‘Malema’

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