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Awdee and RenAlt the South African phenomenon

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Here’s a great idea…….Continuing on the “what’s in a name post” I thought I would share a really funny (although not flattering real life example) real life example as well as one of my pet South Africa hates.

I called my vehicles local manufacturer to find out about some roof racks and got a very nice lady on the other end of the line said “Welcome to Renalt” (I have left the U out on purpose to emphasise RenAlt), to which I responded isn’t this Renault (Ren No) her response “yes sir, RenAlt”. Renault you need to check this out, it was quite humorous but not a good reflection on our brand.

And now to my next pet hate.

Audi (OwDee) not (AwDee) – we need to get this right, whenever I hear a South African saying this I cringe.

I am sure there are many issues out there like this but there can be no excuse for getting this wrong, especially your own staff!!.

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Mike • September 17, 2008

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