The Running Commentary

ANC may lose two thirds majority!!!

Many people have asked me, over the past two weeks, what I felt the political landscape would look like post the elections in 8 months time. So I decided I would put down my views and see if anyone agrees or disagrees with them! The ANC will win the election (sheer volume of votes will…

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Thabo files papers in ConCourt

  Thabo Mbeki has filed papers for leave to appeal the Pietermaritzburg decision in both his executive as well as his personal capacity. This is significant for a number of reasons: 1) Mbeki is convinced that Jacob Zuma has something to answer for 2) Mbeki is demonstrating that you cannot simply move someone from power…

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NPA must still appeal!!!

   Mbeki made his speech and in it appeared more statesmen like that we have seen him for some time. The speech I think did much to calm some of the panic that clearly would have been created and demonstrated that he is significantly more poised in situations than perhaps one gave him credit for…

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13:22 Zuma settles the score!!!

This may be a little bit of a “shooting from the hip” post in that this is my reaction to the news this afternoon that the president of South Africa Thabo Mbeki has be “recalled” by the ANC NEC.   My title, I think, will allude to what I believe this to truly be. Simply put a “political solution”…

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Zuma is not a philanthropist!!!

This is a flame post, a vent from me so accept it from whence it comes. This leadership crises in the current political landscape within South Africa is causing major embarrassment and hardship to the people of this country. Mbeki is proving to be a lame duck in all of this, focusing on his mediation…

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If ever you needed a reason to vote!!

Below an excerpt from article I picked up via my news reader this weekend.  The article is fairly lengthy and I may be accused of editing to suit my point of view, but I am posting it never-the-less.  Senior ANC leaders are preparing to push strongly for a law that prohibits criminal charges against a…

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