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13:22 Zuma settles the score!!!


This may be a little bit of a “shooting from the hip” post in that this is my reaction to the news this afternoon that the president of South Africa Thabo Mbeki has be “recalled” by the ANC NEC. 

 My title, I think, will allude to what I believe this to truly be. Simply put a “political solution” was required to try and keep Jacob Zuma out of the courts, and this is exactly what has been effected.  This decision viewed as a “decisive” decision to cure a party and stop the divisions that were occurring, is nothing more than the political will being forced through the relevant structures.

The ANC has used the judgement in Pietermartizburg (which alluded to Mbeki having influenced the process) as the catalyst to remove Mbeki. I understand that the NEC deliberated for many hours about this decision, but one cannot help but say that his time was up and they simply needed to find a way of getting him out.

What does the future hold….well as the ANC are quick to say that “no person is bigger than the party”, this country in the same way is bigger than the ANC.  The next couple of weeks, thanks to this decision, will be quite interesting and we are going to see how the parliamentary process shapes up.  The ANC is going have a number of decision to make in terms of who they deploy into positions (although they have said that they have requested all of the people currently deployed to remain in their positions) and whether these will be the same people after next years election.

I think that we will see a continued call to see Zuma prosecuted and will more than likely see some manouvering by the opposition parties to this effect.  

We will certainly see the opposition party intensify their calls for the probe into the arms deal being re-opened, the infamous De Lille dossier will probably come back into the limelight.

I think that the cloud that hangs over the ANC will not go away.

My hopes:

1) The NPA appeal is successful – we need to get Zuma into court and he needs to face the rule of law, he cannot be held above this.

2) That people see this decision for what it truly is, a political solution to try and get Zuma to power.

3) That people collectively are mobalised to vote – predictably the ANC will win the elections, but we do need to ensure that they do not achieve the two-thirds majority that they currently have. This is probably one of the best chances that opposition politics has to ensure that majority rule does not dictate the course of South African politics.  If this decision is anything to go by, then we can see that the ANC is not afraid to make decisions in the interest of the party, whether or not the message to world is good or not.

Julius Malema will take much joy out of this and as one of the commentators have said the ANCYL clearly were given the mandate “to say what others could not say” The will of the people has not prevailed here, lets not let those who would say this get away with this type of statement. The simple response….if somebody is under suspicion of a criminal act, should the NPA not be allowed to prosecute, nobody should be allowed to interfere with this process.

I know that I am treading on very dangerous ground, because it may appear that I have pre-judged Jacob Zuma. I think that Jacob Zuma has not done anything to allay my suspicions, and therefore I have reached my conclusion. If Jacob Zuma truly wants to be the leader of this country he needs to go through this legal battle. If not he will be elected president and every other leader in the world will look on him with the prospect that he is guilty of bribery!

Never-the-less (a bit synicism here) well done to the NEC on constructing this path you have achieved your objective, whether or not this decision is going to benefit this country remains to be seen. You may well go down in history as being the NEC that achieved really good change for the South Africa, equally history may record you as the NEC that caused a major rift from which the ANC may never recover.

Lets keep holding on and holding our political representatives accountable! 

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Mike • September 20, 2008

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  1. The Devil September 20, 2008 - 6:29 pm

    This has come as no real surprise to me. History will judge Thabo Mbeki for his many failures and maybe, just maybe the next President, whether it is Jacob Zuma or not, will lead this country towards what all moderate South Africans want, a better life for all.

    Please remember that Zuma was not the only one that was involved in the Arms Scandal and there is numerous other cabinet ministers, from the Presidency downwards, that has been implicated over the years. My feeling is let the Zuma affair now be laid to rest so that the country can get on with its affairs.

    I’m not saying that Zuma is not guilty but to date he is not guilty before a court. The NPA has had more than enough time to prove their case and has failed.

  2. Terence September 20, 2008 - 11:22 pm

    It seems as though the ANC and its members are overwhelmed by the power they have without any competition or inteference. They are more concerned about their party and their jobs and forget that the child in Giyani and rural Natal needs to get what they are voted for. Instead they give more power to uninformed and politically immature people like Jilius Malema. Mbeki Became too comfortable and was reluctant to traim or broom the next leader who is known for his/her best prunciple of leadership and effeciency in time. He wanted to rule until he dies like his mentore Robert Mugabe. Jacob Zuma is just palying a victim game, the man is a crook like all of them. Clearly education is much better for any human being, look at Zuma.

    Let alone the tribalism in the party, they are messing up our country by claiming that they were in the struggle. Our parents didnt go to exile, they fought the real struggle here on this soil and they deserve a better life than all those bafoons who are fighting for power that does not belong to them, and they ahve a decency of coming to me and ask for my vote?

    The entire ANC is corrupt and scandalous, look at Yengeni, Balfore, and many of those MPs, please, give us a break… ANC is played out!

  3. Mike September 21, 2008 - 10:18 am

    Hello Terence, thanks for taking the time to read and comment, I really appreciate it!.

    I am not sure that I agree with you that “the entire ANC is corrupt and scandalous” – I do think though that in their current frame of mind, the political agrendas and asperations are taking the forefront in terms of their thinking.

    Here’s hoping that at some point sanity will prevail!

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