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AfriForum and ANCYL brothers in a struggle!!???!!

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I had the privilege yesterday to catch a portion of the show on 567 Talk radio conducted by Redi Direko, in which she handled an interview between the AfriForum and the ANCYL. The basis of the discussion centred around the book Politics for Dummies that was sent by AfriForum to the ANCYL.

I must compliment Redi on handling this interview, and allowing each side to get their points of view well stated. I think that that AfriForum did take a bit of a cheap shot at the ANCYL, even though I did agree that they, the ANCYL, perhaps needed to get a serious grip on the fine art of politics.

Regular readers will know that I believe that the ANCYL leader Julius Malema ranks high among people that I do not enjoy, as he never really delivers anything but inciting rhetoric.

More interesting for me where two commentators that came into the show during the open lines section:

The first (I did not get his name) made a really good point that he felt that the ANCYL had lost focus on their core deliverable, which is to represent the youth of the ANC and not be the voice for the ANC leader. I sensed a real frustration in his voice and a real passion for the fact that he (as a member of the youth) felt that his leadership had lost sight of his issues. I think that the despite the attempted response by Floyd Shivambu that the rest of the ANCYL and ANC structures must take serious note of this feeling. The youth after all are going to form the back bone of the electorate in the years to come and if they feel that there current party is letting them down they will move.

(ps. Julius you should never dare anybody to leave your organization, as you have no idea what the impact might be)

I know that Floyd Shivambu  made some attempt at diminishing the “they are racists” comments he made to the press on Tuesday, but this commentary once again illustrates the “speak now, think later” mentality that pervades the ANCYL and many other organisations out there.

He said the ANCYL would nevertheless not take the AfriForum Youth seriously. “They are a group of racists, we cannot take them seriously.”

The second commentary was by PJ Powers who called in and made some comment along the lines that she was tired that “whites are now clinging to the word democracy”. I need to ask the question why she is tired of this, are you suggesting that they not cling to the word democracy, and if not then what word do you want them to cling to. In fact what word would you like the country to cling to?

 I understand that you may feel frustrated that you feel that certain whites hide behind the word democracy as an excuse to pursue ulterior motives. I do think though that as a leading member of the society within South Africa, you need to be careful of what you are saying.

I cling to the word democracy for one simple reason only, without it we do not have a future, without democracy I have little hope, I would not be able to say the things that I say and do things that I do, and neither would you.

If nothing else the past week has taught me that many people out there are working on the “speak now, think later” philosophy and this lands many of them in hot water. They then have to retract or try to restate and justify what it was they had to say.

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Mike • September 19, 2008

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  1. K H Fourie September 19, 2008 - 9:25 pm

    I am sick and tired if a white make a remark it is a racist remark.The blacks can say what they want .Nothing is racist remark.There seem to be nothing that is negative towards white?Why?

  2. The Devil September 20, 2008 - 1:05 am

    A well written piece. I find Julius Malema’s very radical and inciting politik-speak very, very scary. I am positive about this country, and believe that we need to strive for a true democratic society where we interact whith each other for the common good of all.

  3. Mike September 20, 2008 - 9:47 am

    KH Fourie, thank you for taking the time to read this post. I am not sure if I have understood your response correctly, because the way you end your post does not tie up with how you have started your post. I assumed that you meant to say “black” at the end.

    I am assuming the above as I respond. I need to say that given our countries history it wold be a little immature to think that you can ignore the history of racism that pervaded this country. I am against this legacy and understand the feelings that this must bring up in the folks that were oppressed.

    I do think though that the term racist is bandied around too freely by certain elements of the polical framework within this country. You do not have to be sick and tired of this, you merely have to rise above the rhetoric and work towards demonstrating that you are different to those who went before (if indeed you intend to be different).

    I have found that the best way to do this is not to get caught up in pushing one sided agendas, you should look to hold those in office to account (as I try to do via this blog) and send out the message that you will not tolerate mis reported events or facts.

    You should try to stay away from people that push devisive agenda and focus on growing this great country through effective dialogue

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