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Two Oceans Half Marathon for a cause


I decided some time back to embark on a bit of fitness drive.  This process began really after watching one of those “Giants” around me have some huge success as far as losing weight and then embarking on a running quest.

I realised that without some sort of end goal that this would not be a successful venture…..

I therefore set myself a goal on the 25th of November 2008 that I would attempt to run the Old Mutual 2 Oceans Half Marathon (21.1km)  Well there is little under a week to go until the event and I am happy to report that I think that I am ready to tackle it.  My training has gone relatively well and I am hoping to finish the race in around 2 hours and 20 minutes. This is no record or anything like that, but the fact that I am starting this race is quite an accomplishment.

There has been a further positive side-effect to this training and that is that as I sit and compose this post I am some 16 kilograms lighter than when I started the adventure. 

I have for sometime been pondering about whether I could use this adventure to support some sort of a cause and to this end will be raising funding for the school that my son attends. The school’s name is Monterey Pre-Primary and is considered one of the school’s of best practice in the area of Early Childhood Development. The school has had quite a difficult time this past year, with being evicted from their premises of 30 years and the need to re-build. My fund raising therefore is in the area of building funds.

So…..If you would like to donate some money with a cause in mind, then let me know. Reply to this post and we can set-up how the funding can work.

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Mike • April 6, 2009

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