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Sepang in the rain and twilight not a good choice

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I feel more than a little cheated that we did not get a full race this Sunday. My understanding is that the late start was due to the requirement to get a larger television audience in Europe. Well that back fired big time…..

All of the locals kept saying you are going to get rain, and by rain they meant a monsoon, but somehow Bernie and the boys thought not??? Well Bernie you are not God and you have no control over the elements. What we need urgently is to see if in fact viewership stats were higher in Europe than last years race. If not then there is going to be some serious egg on the face! I am going to be bold here and say that I do not think that there would have been any appreciable increase in the numbers. If there was a more than 5% increase then they would have been a lot.

The race was still however actioned packed until the point that it was stopped and the Brawn team must be like the proverbial Cheshire cat with huge smiles. They certainly deserved the win…

It is really good to see the old guard Ferrari and Mclaren facing the prospect of an uphill battle for the rest of the season. I am hoping that it will bode very well for the sport. I think that progress will be made and we are going see maybe one of the closest contents we have ever seen with potentially four or five teams racing for the main titles.

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Mike • April 6, 2009

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  1. The Devil April 7, 2009 - 11:39 am

    The later start was a farce and sitting patiently for a whole hour waiting for the “restart” was a joke. It was only to keep the world wide audience captive. Kimi had the best idea of all – shorts, flip-flops an ice-cream and a coke while the likes of Button & Glock as sitting outside getting wet. I love the Iceman but think this will be his last year with Ferrari – Alonso will take the seat in 2010.

    It seems like Bernie & the boys don’t give a sorry Sh*t whether it rains or not and the early indication is that Sepang will still be raced at the later time slot in 2010. Maybe it’ll be better then to fit the cars with wipers, headlights and big bad-ass 4X4 tyres to raise the ride height or alternatively fit an a propeller to the back, take the wheels off completely and hold a speedboat race. That will be quite novel to watch – better than a stationary hour on the pit straight in any event

  2. Mike April 7, 2009 - 12:26 pm

    I concur with your take on Alonso and Ferrari. Equally I like your suggestion around the modifications to the cars for Sepang in 2010. Although I think a combination would be better, so create an amphibious car. Picture it like a 007 movie wheels retract mid pit straight as they start the “Wet lap” small prop or event some sort of jet engine, could be great to watch!

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