The Running Commentary

Instant gratification……instant distress

Communication has been relegated to a thoughtless act, harsh words I know, but look at the number of relationships that are damaged by misplaced text messages……

Remember when a cellphone just made calls?

This little device of yours and mine has fundamentally changed our operating psyche, we are hard coded, it would seem, to respond now. Just look at the level of “multi-tasking” that happens around you…..


Noticed that increase is Spam have you…….

A bomb is designed to take people out or destroy something. It will never build something up, so why employ the tactic?

I wonder why?

I receive, on a daily basis, 300 plus email communications. I can safely say that somewhere in excess of 80% of which I have been cc’d on.


Back and raring to go!!

My family and I have returned from a much needed break, during which time I followed a “low information diet”. This concept was something I read about on Dave Duarte’s site, he is one of the guys that introduced to the fine art of aggregating information! The diet worked well, although I must confess to accidentally diving…

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Nokia e90 the complete work horse

As I am away, on holiday, I am limiting the time that I spend on my various information platforms, I have changed my sync profile for example on my Nokia and am only responding in absolute emergencies to anything that comes up. The thing that I am struck with is that yesterday, I used my…

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Voyager – Personal offers need to be personalised!!

SAA or more specifically Voyager do you really care about the way you communicate with your client base. This opening line is based on an email I received yesterday. The email was about some fantastic fare offers. The body of the email contained a sub header “Loyalty deserves to be rewarded!”This sub header was after…

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