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Voyager – Personal offers need to be personalised!!

email saa voyagerSAA or more specifically Voyager do you really care about the way you communicate with your client base. This opening line is based on an email I received yesterday. The email was about some fantastic fare offers. The body of the email contained a sub header “Loyalty deserves to be rewarded!”This sub header was after the salutation:

Dear {title} {firstname} {lastname}, clearly this was supposed to be some kind of mail blast with personalisation. Well they failed – as you will see from the image accompanying this post.

I am not sure what kind of testing is run, but a simple test of the script to some test addresses which their IT guys must have would have shown the programming error.

Poor show guys no testing, therefore no communication. What is particularly interesting to me is that they have not sent out an apology. They have not even sent out a second email with the error corrected.

As regular readers of my site know I am passionate about how organisations engage with you and the opportunities that these engagements hold if you do it correctly.

Hopefully they will learn something from this!!

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Mike • August 18, 2008

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