The Running Commentary

Instant gratification……instant distress

Communication has been relegated to a thoughtless act, harsh words I know, but look at the number of relationships that are damaged by misplaced text messages……

Consumer Protection Act: Creativity should not be confused with deception

Let me conclude by saying that being creative does not mean that you need to be deceptive and too many companies are still confusing the two……..


Adding my name to your document is simply not good enough!

In truth, consumers still view the communication as something that the company owns and therefore sees the communication as intrusive.

I wonder why?

I receive, on a daily basis, 300 plus email communications. I can safely say that somewhere in excess of 80% of which I have been cc’d on.


Uncle Paul’s Christmas party booked!

Shot Wifey – I know that you will be reading this, but hey I thought it would benefit others as well!

Interdependency and the effect on the organisation….

This post has been around in my over worked and under paid mind for some time. It surfaces each time I work with other divisions within my business. Usually the experience is quite good, but from time to time I am left hugely frustrated by an apparent lack of delivery by one or other party….

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SAA dissapoints again

Well after my trip to JHB, anxious to get home I was on the 7am flight to Cape Town. Boarding calls all went well and by 6:45 the complete array of passengers were on board and the doors “armed and crossed checked”. Then we sat, at 7:10 am the pilot advises that we are waiting…

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