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SAA dissapoints again

saaWell after my trip to JHB, anxious to get home I was on the 7am flight to Cape Town. Boarding calls all went well and by 6:45 the complete array of passengers were on board and the doors “armed and crossed checked”. Then we sat, at 7:10 am the pilot advises that we are waiting for some “stuff” to be loaded still, “just 3 or 4 minutes more”. At 7:30am “Ladies and Gentlemen” we are almost done and will be leaving shortly.

We taxing at 7:35am and take off at 7:45am. There is no way this guy can make up time as the trip to Cape Town is into a hectic wind. Net result is that we are an hour late by the time we leave the airport in Cape Town (and I did not have to wait for baggage!)

Why is it that you cannot get it together, the flights are supposed to close 20 to 30 minutes before departure, and therefore one assumes that the bags should be at the plane. The freight I understand from the courier businesses that I deal with has to be at the airport around 90 minutes before departure to ensure they can be loaded. In short something is terribly wrong with the planning around you flights.

Two let downs in as many days and I must say that I am seriously considering trying another airline.

Come now something must improve!

PS I also was given a vegetarian meal, a quick look at my profile on Voyager would indicate to you that I prefer a regular meal.

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Mike • July 10, 2008

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