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bulbOur company (or more specifically) the executive team recently completed a Franklin Covey 360 degree questionnaire to see how each of the team members viewed themselves and each other. Now I need to say that we are still to complete the team facilitation process (which I am looking forward to).

I had considered that before completing the form and then getting my results that I would do fairly well. I know you are reading this and going, he is going to be in for a shock. Well I was in for one…..

While I received some really amazing uplifting comments, I also received so pretty direct criticism (or at least this is how I viewed some of the comments).

We completed the questionnaire some time ago (end of May 2008) and it has taken me this long to actually post anything about it.  I guess this would indicate the level of self evaluation that was required on part. I spent a number of hours reading and then re-reading the report. I have come to the conclusion that….. If you are in a team you need to seriously consider doing this. I was initially upset but have now realised that I need to work on some of these issues and try to correct my behaviour, or at least work at some of my relationships in order to change perceptions.

I think that some of the comments are based on perceptions, but some, I am afraid on closer reflection, are quite true and I will need to work at this.

I must say that today one of my colleagues called me with the view to discuss the report and more specifically the comments that they had made.  I was extremely humbled by this gesture so well done for doing this!!

I think that we could all benefit from a little more introspection.

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Mike • June 20, 2008

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