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Renault and good customer service do they go together?

logotype-renault-m.jpgThis post is about my experience yesterday morning with Renault South Africa. On my way home from a function (it was raining at the time) my windscreen wipers stopped functioning. As I was almost home I decided to continue driving until I reached my house. I did not want to stop along the road at night (stupid I know) but did make it home in one piece.

I remembered that the sales guy said to me, that “we have Renault assist” and as long as your car is under warranty they will “come out and repair if they can or else they will get it to the nearest dealer to effect repairs”.

I called my Renault dealer. “Sir” she says “during office hours the AA will come out as the assist function only operates after hours”. Please call 0800 600 … 

Got through within the first two rings “Renault assist” the operator answers (I am felling really good about now) “how can I help you” I tell him the issue, including the fact that I am at home in my driveway in pouring rain and he says…………….now wait for it………………………”you need to contact your local dealer”…. Beautiful !! “We only do tow in’s for Renault we do not come and check the car as it is still under warranty and not just anyone can touch the car when it is under warranty”…..HUH????

I call my dealer. I tell the guy who answers what has just gone down and he says………….now wait for this………..”They always say that” at this point I begin to lose it a little and he says “I am afraid that I cannot help you unless you get the car to me, but the good news sir is that I am in town now and it is not raining at the moment so maybe you should come now!”

Remember I am sitting in my driveway in the pouring rain. I say to him “so what you are saying is that nobody can help me” he says “I guess so, unless you can get the car to me”

I am so cross, I hang up and actually drive to him in the rain (I know stupid again) I get there, announce my issue and then after one and a half hours they manage to change the fuse that has blown. This due to the fact that the “walk in’s guy” does not know where the fuse box is and then gets a mechanic to help him find it.

Renault let me tell you that this is strike number three 

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Mike • June 20, 2008

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