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Julius Malema reminding us of our entitlement culture…

question markJulius Malema’s statement at the recent ANC youth day rally and his subsequent media time is a pure indication of the culture of entitlement I have spoken about on previous occasions.

Julius on live radio indicated that they would take whatever action they deemed fit if they (the ANC youth league) felt that “their democracy” was being threatened. He asserted that he supported the rule of law, but only if the decision went their way.

Clearly he feels (and one must assume the ANC youth league) that they are entitled to the outcomes that they want and nothing else.  

This type of rhetoric has no place in South Africa, especially given that we are some 14 years into this democratic climate.

We are all part of South Africa and as such are all “entitled” to feel part of this democracy. If Julius is not happy with it then perhaps he should move along, clearly though we need to leaders of the ANC to speak out against this (I understand that Kgalema Motlanthe has already spoken out about this and Zuma has “privately” rebuked Julius). What we need is for Zuma to publicly rebuke these comments and get the higher ground on all of this.

Let’s move towards uniting this country and not tearing it apart.

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Mike • June 19, 2008

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