The Running Commentary

Team SA return!!

As team South Africa returns from Beijing today, with only a very small group of supporters, I was struck by how a cloud of disappointment hung over them. They felt as if they had failed and while they did not exactly cover themselves in glory in terms of the medals, they did manage to participate…

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Today’s lesson….

Most days I come away from the day having learned something new. In the main this is driven by my belief that it is possible to learn something new each day. I have not posted many of these lessons because of a feeling that people may believe them either stupid or rather obviously things. I…

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Self Evaluation

Our company (or more specifically) the executive team recently completed a Franklin Covey 360 degree questionnaire to see how each of the team members viewed themselves and each other. Now I need to say that we are still to complete the team facilitation process (which I am looking forward to). I had considered that before…

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