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Lewis Hamilton not a team player??

f1_mclarenchrome-1a.jpgI read this morning that while Lewis agrees with the other Formula one drivers that the 200 000 euro’s per year is a huge amount of money for the super licence, that he would not support a strike. Further in the article I see that he is not a member of the drivers union.

I really am baffled by this fact, many great drivers (drivers I would hasten to add that are or were better than him) joined this union. I think that this type of stance only serves to set him out from the rest of the drivers in a negative way. People will perceive him not to be supportive of the drivers as a whole.

I am a Mclaren fan and I must confess that only now beginning to “warm” to Lewis as a driver, I know that he is a good driver and will more than likely end up being in the ranks of the greats, but this kind of “exclusive” behaviour from someone destined to be at the top is not acceptable in my view.

Lewis you should join the union and add some more weight to this situation, support your fellow drivers in whatever action that deem fit.

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Mike • June 21, 2008

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