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Organisation change and trust a critical union……

Frustration is often a key ingredient for me when it comes to compiling my blog content. These frustrations typically stem from observing people and processes that I see in organisations around me on a daily basis.  This post has it roots in yet another one of these issues.

A few weeks back I wrote about the necessity for organisational change and gave some advice on how parties on both sides need to deal with it. What I am struck by though, is the extent to which organisations embark on a change process and then retain elements of their old ways

We have all heard the saying along the lines of, “It is insanity to do the same thing time and again and expect a different result”

It is my belief that organisational change requires a fundamental shift in the corporate DNA in order to be successful. Organisational DNA is a difficult process to change and rewire, but this is a major hurdle that the business will need to deal with.  You cannot simply change the DNA by changing the words that are bantered about, you need to change the DNA by overhauling every business process.

The fundamental truth I mentioned in my previous post about selecting the correct team is critical. These teams are going to be the key to achieving the change and ultimately success for the business.  Of paramount importance though will be the level to which these people will be allowed to operate in a new and improved way.  It is not an acceptable course of action to stop teams from growing in a new way. A business going through change will need to empower individuals in order for it to succeed.  Nothing stalls change faster than stifling creativity and not showing a deep seated trust and faith in the leaders of the teams.

So my advice to organisations going through change, empower your teams and probably more importantly have faith and trust in those that you have selected to do the task. Falling back on tried and tested methods may be the very reason you are embarking on the change process in the first place.

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Mike • June 13, 2012

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