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Max Mosley challenging privacy laws

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This is always going to be a contentious issue, and one that I must admit to being on the fence about. I am not sure though that I agree with Max Mosley in this case.

As you will no doubt know, Max Mosley was caught in quite a compromising position, on video with a number of prostitutes, acting out a “concentration camp” orgy. Max Mosley contends that he should have been given the right to oppose the publication, before it went to press. Thereby ensuring that he had a chance at defending himself before publication.

In the process of this all clearly much grief was done to his personal and private life, and for that I would agree that he should have know before publication, so that he could prepare himself. But, and there will always be a but, when in the public eye, you will always be a target for the news mongers out there and therefore you need to try and live a life beyond reproach.

“But this isn’t fair” I can hear the chorus, “I did not ask for the fame” – simply put you received it and therefore it is your responsibility to use it wisely for your own gain and to defend it wisely for your own protection. If Max had not been caught in a compromising position, none of this would have happened and his life would have continued as is.

The bottom-line for me, while I hate the paparazzi as a whole, it is the people that abuse their position of power and priviledge that in effect give them their very breath. Max I think your lesson is do not get caught or even better still clean up your act!  

What’s more your act brought a blight on the institution that is formula one, I would simply shut up and move on if I were you.

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Mike • October 6, 2008

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